No Money Down 100% on Purchases
No down payment is required under this program. Seller can contribute up to 3% of the sales price toward closing costs.

3% Down on Purchases
Borrowers with limited funds for closing and down payment may want to consider this product. The seller can contribute up to 6% of the sales price for closing costs and the 3% down can be a gift. There are no income limitations.

10% Down on Investment Property
This program is offered with or without PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). Properties include single family and two-family units.

No Income Verification Loans
Under this program, the borrower/s are not required to provide W-2.s, tax returns, or pay check stubs. This program is ideal for self-employed borrower/s.

First Time Home Buyers Program
This program allows borrower to qualify for a larger home with credit flexibility. Income restrictions may apply. In this program the borrower has the option of putting very little or no money down.

No Point & Closing Cost Loans
This product is offered on both purchases and refinances for loan amounts of $100,000.00 or more. This program will reduce out of pocket expenses for the borrower/s.

FHA Loans
This product is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Borrowers with flexible credit and very little cash may qualify under this program. FHA offers both fixed rates and adjustable rate mortgages.

VA Loans
This product is guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The features of this program include no money down, low interest rates, and the option of having a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage.

Community Home Buyers Program
This program offers market rates to those borrowers who have 3% of their own funds to put down on a home. Income restrictions may apply. Borrower can qualify for a larger home. Unestablished credit is acceptable.

No Ratio Loans
This product, much like the No Income Verification loan, is offered to those borrowers who do not want to supply W-2's, tax returns, or paystub's. No income is disclosed on the application and the liabilities are not calculated.

Combo Loans
This program combines two loans, a first mortgage and a second mortgage, which eliminates MI (Mortgage Insurance) and avoids Jumbo loan rates. This will minimize the down payment from the borrower and eliminate MI.

No Mortgage Insurance
No down payment is required under this program. Seller can contribute up to 3% of the sales price toward closing costs.

Jumbo Loans
This product is offered to borrowers with loan amounts from $240,000.00 up to 1 Million. Fixed and adjustable rates are available under this program.

125% Debt Consolidation
This program offers borrowers a loan amounting to 125% of the appraised value of their home thereby helping to consolidate unmanageable debt. Equity is not required and there is no out of pocket fees.

Mobile Homes
This program is offered to those borrowers who are interested in purchasing a double wide mobile home on permanent foundation with as little as 3% as a down payment. The terms are as high as 30 years and rates can be fixed or adjustable.

Fixed & Adjustable Rate Loans
We offer both fixed and ARM products. The terms for the fixed products are 10,15,20, & 30 years. Adjustable rates are 3 & 6 months, 1,3,5, & 7 year terms.

Portfolio Loans
This program features more flexible guidelines for borrowers who may not qualify under conforming loan products.

Buy Down
Borrowers can receive a below-market loan in exchange for an interest rate subsidy that is usually in the form of a sum of money from the homebuyer. 

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